"Blessed Mother, Spread the effect of grace of Thy flame of love, over all of humanity."


 Flame of Love


2-Day Virtual Interactive Workshop
As we have seen, churches can close their doors, but the sanctuary of your home will never be shut down.  A virtual workshop is a spiritual workroom that teaches you how to prepare your homes and hearts for the days ahead . . . you will hear from inspiring speakers who will guide you to the Ark!

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What is a Signal Grace?

Grace is the indwelling of God moving the soul. Signal graces are extraordinary graces that move the soul by the intellect and will in such a way that the reception of the grace — to a certain degree — can even be detected by others — or less commonly, even in ourselves.


Put in another way, Signal Graces are signs sent by God to help us make the right decisions in life. Moses saw a burning bush as a sign from God, and other people received signs from God daily.  Signal graces usually come about as subtle hints to help keep us moving in the right direction – these signs are truly gifts from God.


Elizabeth Kindelmann

(1913 - 1985)

Elizabeth was orphaned at a young age and worked many different jobs to support herself.  She twice tried to enter religious congregations, but was rejected.  In 1930, at the age of 16, she married Karoly Kindlemann.  They had six children and in 1946, her husband died.  Elizabeth worked in factories to save her family from starvation.  To prepare Elizabeth for her locutions, the Lord allowed her  to experience three years of spiritual darkness from 1958 through 1960.  She received locutions from Jesus and Mary from 1961 to 1983.

The Light of Christ grew brighter and brighter, and so did the cross. The Cenacles grew and grew too… 

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Starting with the Feast of and guided by St. Joseph, the tentative steps toward the Flame of Love devotion, which grew stronger and surer with each stride… 

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It doesn’t take a village to help a child – it just takes a Flame of Love prayer group! Take a look…

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Mary said, "Adore my Divine Son and make reparation.  He is so often offended."


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