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Virtual Conference

Held at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

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Fr. James Blount SOLT, Christine Watkins, Fr. Chris Alar, Fr. Donald Calloway, Dr. Antone Raymundo, and Patrick Campbell


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Flame of Love-Indiana is thrilled to offer Seeking Refuge II, Protecting your Domestic Church with Mary’s Illuminating Grace for Our Times.  It was held on the sacred and holy grounds of the only approved Marian apparition site in the U.S.—Our Lady of Good Help Shrine.

The Seeking Refuge II conference is the sequel to our Seeking Refuge I workshop which taught how to prepare our homes as sanctuaries and how to equip our families with knowledge, prayer and resources.  Now it is time to Protect our Domestic Church  in these times of uncertainty, fear, violence, and out-right attacks on the family! 


We have an incredible lineup of speakers who teach about the power of the gifts, tools and weapons the Church has provided to equip families and clergy against the ever-encroaching darkness and godlessness growing in our culture today.  You will learn how Our Lord has been preparing us and speaking to us through the Saints and Our Lady, with messages approved by the Church, to fortify the faithful. 

"God did not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power and love and self-control." (2 Timothy 1:7)  If our God-given faith is to grow ever stronger until we enter our Heavenly home, we must fortify ourselves with all the spiritual weaponry God has provided today, and this conference will help you do just that!  Listen!  Learn!  Join us!  Be ready for the Lord to come!


 “Satan and his forces want to destroy families.”

- Jesus to Elizabeth Kindelmann, Flame of Love Diary, 8/15/1962

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We are now offering the 14-Hour SEEKING REFUGE II Virtual Pilgrimage  at  NO COST.  Click the Button below to Access!

The 15-hour Seeking Refuge I  Workshop Video is Also Available at NO COST!

The Video, Workshop Materials and Leader Packet can be found on:

Seeking Refuge II Conference Schedule

1st DAY

  • History Talk regarding the Apparitions of Our Lady of Good Help to Sister Adele Brise (45 min)

  • Lori Brown, Midwestern US FOL Director, Our Lady of Good Help's Message Echoed in Her Flame of Love                            Messages Today (30 min)

  • Flame of Love Rosary

  • Virtual Tour of the Shrine Grounds

2nd DAY 

  • Christine Watkins, “Intro to the Flame of Love” (90 min)

  • Rosary (Before Mass) 

  • Holy Mass

  • Eileen Piergiovanni, National FOL Director, Welcome and Opening Prayer (10 min)

  • Patrick Campbell Testimony, “How to Protect Your Family from the Culture with the FOL” (50 min)

  • Fr. Calloway, “The Importance of St. Joseph in Family Life” (30 min)

  • John Sullivan, “Putting out Fires: The Great Peshtigo Fire & Today’s Fire of Hatred” (30 min)

  • Divine Mercy Chaplet

  • Fr. Chris Alar, “Family Consecration: Safe in Mary’s Immaculate Heart” (30 min)

  • Fr. Jim Blount, “Defending the Domestic Church and Our Country with Sacramentals”, Healing Service                


3rd DAY

  • Holy Mass Followed by Eucharistic Procession

  • Opening Prayer & Welcome: Feast of the Divine Maternity

  • Dr. Antone Raymundo, “How Families Can Pray the Holy Rosary with Devotion!” (60 min)

  • Patrick Campbell,  Introduction to the Flame of Love Rosary (5 min)

  • Family Rosary joined with the Holy League’s Coast to Coast Rosary for USA

  • Christine Watkins & Son, “Parenting the Teen Years: Navigating the Culture & Technology.” (45 min)

  • Holy Mass with Fr. Jim Blount, “The God-Given Authority of Mothers’ & Fathers’ ”, PASS THE FLAME!  

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