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Flame of Love Leadership Teams

The Indiana Flame of Love Leadership Team operates under the approval of the United States National Flame of Love Movement.  Guidance and direction are provided by the National Director, Eileen Piergiovanni,  and the National Spiritual Director, Monsignor Ralph Chieffo.
United States Leadership Team

Monsignor Ralph Chieffo

National Spiritual Director


Eileen Piergiovanni

National Director

Patti Schwartz

Spanish Coordinator &

Florida Regional Leader

John A. Sullivan III

National Spokesperson

Diane Salem

Mid-Atlantic Lower Regional Leader

Linda Rhein

Mid-Atlantic Upper Regional Leader

Lori Brown

Midwest & North Regional Leader

Michelle Guidry

South Regional Leader

Yvonne Duffy

West Regional Leader

Victoria Palmer

Northeast Regional Leader

Indiana Leadership Team

Lori Brown

State Leader

David Proctor

Associate State Leader


Linda Gatto

Lisa & Chris Lingner

Jill Metz

Margaret Winans

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