The Flame of Love

Perpetual Vigil Room

  • To prevent accidental interruption of prayer, your audio and video are automatically “muted” upon entering the room. Unmute as desired.

  • Please do NOT place your call on “hold”.

  • If there is excessive noise on your line, one of our Prayer Companions may mute you.  To speak, unmute your line.

  • Please be open to someone entering the room with emergency prayer intentions.

  • Invite intentions at convenient intervals, e.g., between sets of mysteries.

  • If the room is empty, you may pray as you choose. When others join, please shift to a known prayer routine, preferably the Flame of Love Rosary and associated prayers.

  • If you are leading prayer and need to leave the room, invite someone else to lead. If no one does, feel free to leave anyway.

  • When entering the room, please join the prayer in progress.

  • Unlike a Perpetual Adoration room, this room is NOT dedicated to silence but rather to public, communal, vocal prayer.

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