Virtual Interactive Workshop

August 22 & 23, 2020

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Fr. James Blount SOLT, Christine Watkins, Daniel O'Connor,

Michael O'Rourke, “Sister Anne” Farran, Tim O’Donnell, and the Lingners


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Many look around at the iniquity in the world and have a sense that we are living in “biblical” times.  As before the great flood, when "the earth was corrupt in the view of God and full of lawlessness” (Gen 6:11), we now see violence breaking out in our streets, churches locking their doors, and fear attempting to overwhelm us.  In the time of the flood, God told Noah, “Go into the ark, you and all your household” (Gen 7:1).  God has not left us empty handed during the flood of evil which is in our world today.

Christ has sent His Mother to us!  For decades, centuries even, Mary has appeared to us across the world at famous sanctuaries, but we have not listened.  “She wants every family to be a sanctuary, a wonderful place where, in union with you, she works miracles in the depth of hearts” (The Flame of Love Diary, p. 187).

As we have seen, churches can close their doors, but the sanctuary of your home will never be shut down.  A virtual workshop is a spiritual workroom that teaches you how to prepare your homes and hearts for the days ahead by equipping you in knowledge, community, prayer, and resources.  Gathering inside your personal homes, meeting rooms, churches, etc... you will hear from inspiring speakers who will guide you to the Ark!

2-Day VIRTUAL Conference Registration = $30

All Workshop materials, videos, and Leader Packet included with Registration.

Sunday, 8/23, Live Conference cancelled due to recent COVID restrictions.

Saturday, August 22, 2020 

  9:00 AM   Welcome and Opening Prayers

  9:30 AM   Christine Watkins - “Introduction to the Flame of Love / Building the Domestic Church”

10:30 AM   What is a Flame of Love Cenacle / Holy Hour + Breakout Session Introduction

10:45 AM   The Importance of the Rosary         

11:00 AM   **BREAKOUT** Flame of Love Cenacle Workshop

12:00 PM   Discussion Q & A

12:15 PM   Live Check-Ins

12:30 PM   Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary and The Angelus

12:35 PM   LUNCH

  1:15 PM   Daniel O’Connor - “The Role of the Father: Priest, Prophet, and King”

  1:45 PM   Michael O’Rourke - “Did You Start that Fire? Tips for Parents, An Accelerant for Dads”

  2:15 PM   Tim O’Donnell - “Men and the Spiritual Battle: Leaders of the Domestic Church”

  3:00 PM   Divine Mercy Chaplet

  3:20 PM   Break

  3:30 PM   Christine Watkins - “How to Release the Flame of Love Grace in Our Lives”

  4:30 PM   Passing the Flame

  4:45 PM   Closing Prayers & Holy Music

  5:30 PM   Holy Mass with Father Blount


Sunday, August 23, 2020

12:00 PM   Welcome and Opening Prayers

12:30 PM   Daniel O’Connor

  1:15 PM   **BREAKOUT** Discussion Q & A

  1:35 PM   Live Check-Ins

  2:00 PM   Sister Anne - “Our Lady, Mother throughout the Ages” -  Part 1

  3:00 PM   Divine Mercy Chaplet

  3:15 PM   Sister Anne - “Our Lady, Mother throughout the Ages” -  Part 2

  4:05 PM   Break – Grab your pen and paper!

  4:15 PM   The Lingners - “Action Plan for Families and Catholics for the New Pentecost”

  4:45 PM   Passing the Flame

  5:00 PM   Closing Prayers & Holy Music

  5:30 PM   Holy Mass and Healing Service with Father Blount

Flame of Love - Indiana

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